Flat land Family Autoguidato 1 day Relax
Difficulty:    2

03 Ebike Tour in Verucchio


With our e-bikes we will climb the ascent to the fortress of Verucchio without difficulty, at first there will be a bit of culture, and then the culinary excellence typical of our lands.

We will leave from the lighthouse of the Port of Rimini and we will travel all along the cycle path up to Verucchio. For the more experienced who want to enjoy  the adrenaline of the off-road, we’ll do an alternative mountain bike route in the vineyards and hills of Romagna, a unique experience in its kind.
We will visit the Franciscan monastery where we will be able to observe, inside the evocative cloister, the historical 800-year-old cypress planted by St. Francis in 1213. The tree is an imposing and historic attraction, with its 25 meters of height and 7 of width. We will climb up to the fortress of Verucchio where a guide will tell the story of the village. From the terrace of the fortress you can enjoy a wonderful view.
Afterwards there will be a guided tour of the Villanovan archaeological museum, a pearl of unique culture in his genre and an unmissable cultural destination. To top it off, a tasting inside of the Verucchio amphitheater, where the group will be able to taste our culinary excellence: bread and Malatesta cheese, Fossa di Perticara and Mustard cheese, Olio Nostrano, Veruccese wine, water and fruit!


Starting at €65
per person

  • It starts from Rimini

  • 55 Km

  • 5 h


What you see and where you can stop if you choose this route