Rent your ebike in Italy or in Europe with BikeSquare

The ebike is not a moped!

It's like riding a bike with a champion sitting at the luggage carrier and giving you a hand at the difficult parts
Electric bikes (or pedelecs) are not motor scooters but real bikes that "add power" to your legs. The nice thing about electric bikes is that you can enjoy the pleasures of a bike ride (silence, possibility to stop whenever you want, freedom of movement) without necessarily having to be a champion. Thanks to the electric motor, you can use the pedal assist whenever you feel the need (because you have cycled too much or because the road is too hilly), but you still do most of the pedalling and physical exercise. You can go to work without arriving sweaty and out of breath even if it is distant, you can cover long distances in reasonable time (you can keep an average of 25km/h), you can visit a hilly area like the Langhe in Italy even if you're not a trained cyclist.

Electric bikes are for lazy people

Usually this observation is made by drivers or motorcyclists, or "very sporty" cyclists. Actually, the electric bike allows everyone (even those who are not trained) to ride a bike even in mountain or hilly areas. Not trained people would have otherwise gone with a motor vehicle, therefore those who pedal with a little help are less lazy... In addition, electric bikes are ideal for couples where one is a cyclist and the other not. One manages to pedal 100% with his/her legs and the other is assisted by the electric motor.

How does the pedal assistance work?

When the sensor senses that you are pedalling it activates the electric motor. It is possible to adjust the motor to add 25% (Power 1), 50% (Power 2), 100% (Power 3) or 150% (Power 4) of your pedalling power. The higher the assistance, the more battery you consume. Usually you get the maximum assistance when you are in a hurry or when the ascent is very steep. Otherwise a balance is found between fatigue, speed and battery life.

Does the bike recharge while I pedal?

No, our bikes are recharged like a mobile phone, in the evening, by plugging them into the socket.

What is the autonomy of electric bikes?

It depends on the model and the battery. The type of use that is made of the pedal assistance, the type of terrain and the weight of the person pedalling are elements that can affect the autonomy declared by the individual manufacturers. The BikeSquare bikes that you can rent in the Langhe have a 20 Ampere battery, which offers a 120km autonomy declared for a level terrain. So far, we have successfully tested them for an 80km long itinerary in a mixed plain/hilly terrain.

How much does a recharge cost? How long does it take?

A full recharge costs 10-15 euro cents. To fully recharge the bike 5-6 hours are necessary, but an "emergency" recharge can add twenty kilometres of autonomy in an hour. (If I realize that I have finished the battery, I can stop at one of the BikeSquare bars, I recharge the bike while I have a drink and then I can do some more kilometres).