la squadra BikeSquare
I soci di BikeSquare nelle Langhe

More about BikeSquare

We are Alberto, Massimo and Lucia.
We have known each other and worked together for more than 10 years, and - in 2016 - we founded BikeSquare, our innovative startup with a social vocation.

The idea is to promote cycle tourism with electric bikes around Italy as well as in Europe.

We manage the Novello ebike rental point in the Langhe.

We answer the phone, write emails, prepare offers, define cycle routes, welcome the cycling guests, illustrate how the BikeSquare app works, transport the ebikes, provide advice on the routes and ... we have a lot of fun!

And in the meantime, we promote the creation of new BikeSquare points (Alberto is the boss here), create new proposals or initiatives (the bachelor party with electric bikes? Lucia’s inspiration) and develop new features for the site and the app (Massimo is the master here).

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