Hilly land Paved road Autoguidato 1 day Relax
Difficulty:    2

E01 Acqui Terme and Monferrato


Full day by ebike to visit Moirano, Castel Rocchero e Fontanile. The very heart of Monferrato.


Nice hamlet, still district of Acqui Terme, where you can visit the church of the Holy Mary.

Castel Rocchero

If there is a place where a single-type farming has shaped the landscape, this is Castel Rocchero. The road linking Nizza Monferrato with Castel Boglione is a neverending exhibition of lines of vines which play games of geometry and colours on the shape of the hills. This is the lando of Barbera, Moscato, Brachetto, Dolcetto. Dozens of farms bring theis grapes to the big Cantina Sociale which dominates the landscape at the beginning of the downhill road towards Acqui Terme.


The parish Curch of Saint John The Baptist is a majestic building with Gothic Revival architecture. Its dome is 53 metres high. It lays at the very centre of the small village of Fontanile. You can see it even from very far away and it's worth a visit. There is a bench of the Big Bench Community Project by Chris Bangle.


What you see and where you can stop if you choose this route